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Half-Time Lament


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Watched the first half of the Razorgirls vs A&M game, don't know why I bother, once again they are living down to my expectations. They were actually up at one point 10-7, but when I saw one of the pigettes "defenders" bounce off the A&M QB on an attempted tackle, I started getting worried. The next thing I know they're down 27-10. Maybe the guy who gets paid to act like a coach can fire up the team with an inspirational speech and they can come back and make a game out of it (yeah right).

With 3 minutes to go the piglets got a ruling in their favor and had a 4th down and three at the 47 yard line, the guy who pretends he's a coach, elected to punt. Should've gone for it, it would be risky, but you're down 20-10 at that point and you need to turn things around. There's no doubt in my mind Petrino would have gone for it.

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Not a stellar year for the hogs. Frank was probably as good as Bud or Darryl, but he didn't have the recruits. I hated Lou - whinny excuse maker - but at least his teams could play.

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This defense reminds me of Petrinos first season.

We finished 5-7, but it could have easily been 2-10.

that said, I think we've won our last game.

Petrino fired himself and Jeff Long will lose his job because of Johnelle Schmidt.

He could've signed Phil Fulmer with a 2 year deal but chose Johnelle.

The rest is history.

The old guard like my Dad are more pizzed about this Texas AM loss than most people realize.

The old SWC days are nastalgic for them and this beatdown was the last straw.

They are the generation that built our program and donated the money.

I doubt the donors and BOT will allow this trainwreck to continue.

Look for serious changes real soon

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