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She is almost 10ft low and that means a lot of flats are now in the 15 to 25fow range if it keeps here or a little lower Walleye and Striper fishing will be off the charts in 2 to 3 weeks. Get out the crank baits and start trolling. Set a four line spread 1 at 5fow 1 at 15 and two bouncing the bottom.

Look for anyplace near a mudflat for the shad to be starting to move up on and transition banks even the slightest change should hold walleye.

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I was out yesterday for about 4 hours. Got 3 walleyes(one keeper), 3 crappies, and 5 LM trolling Rapala deep runner and reef runner mainly around 10 to 25 fow. I saw a flock of geese about 25 at the island near the 12 bridge(and also some at across from Rocky Branch back ramp), I guess they were waiting for F and F.

I talk to someone this morning that lives aroung Avoca Hollow, he said the shad are thick right now and easy to catch. I didn't see any when I was out yesterday, but again they might be hiding from me, it won't be the first time!!

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I'm a newbie,so bear with me. the wife is sleeping in and the kid is with grandma. I get to take out my new boat. I'm in Fayetteville and will be driving up the rocky branch area. What time should I get out there ( with the cold front)? Also would this be a good area to start at? I have never fished beaver, just the white leading into it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Launch at the Back ramp at Rocky Branch and fish in that back cove its a mudflat and the shad ( 1'' to 1.5'' ) have been there. If nothing is biting after an hour you can slow troll 1mph to 1.5mph the west bank working the points in 15fow to 25fow till you get to the last point on the west side then troll back down toward the ramp over the old road bed. You should pick up some whites, hybrids, walleye or stripers.

I would get there around 8am. Start out with Topwater if the fish are crashing baits if not use Keitechs with 1.4oz heads in white and work them at mid-depth down to the bottom. If that doesnt produce within an hour switch to trolling with Flickershad 100 to 150 ft behind the boat or Rapalas SR 7 8 9'S in fire tiger, shad color or purple. 10lbs test line max. If you use flicker shad use 11ft diver same colors as the rapalas but also add the sunset color to them.

If you do get into a surface bite turn off the fish finder or you could put the fish down.

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