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10-11-12 Trip


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Put in mid morning at Mutton Creek with a good buddy who loves chasing whites in October. Perfect day- overcast and a moderate south wind. Motored to Chicken Rock cove and found nothing. Went toward CC a little and found some whites in a small wind blown cove in about 2 feet of water. Went up toward Sons Creek and picked up several more. About here I noticed that my trolling motor battery is giving up the ghost, which always makes for interesting fishing on wind blown banks. Decided to drift fish toward Mutton and fished most of the shallow flats by the twin bridges and caught a few more. Most of the fish we caught were good size with some smalls mixed in. We also caught several blacks that were just shy of keeper. The fishing was hit and miss but when we found them they were stacked up. We finished the day with 24 in the livewell and probably threw back as many. The water temp was around 62deg and still colored with 1' visibility. We had best luck using 1/6 oz white with red head rooster tails. It was a great day to get out and skip work!

Life's way too short not to fish!
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