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10-13-12 Another Day On Beaver

Feathers and Fins

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I started out at Beaver shores trolling and it only took 2 passes 1 in 15fow and one in 22fow to figure out the fish and bait were gone, I ran over to the islands at 12 bridge and again lack o d bait situation, on to Rocky Branch... Anyone want to fill a cooler with some nice 1 to 2 pound whites go to The back ramp of Rocky Branch and start trolling in 12fow and head to the west shore out to 25fow it wont take long I put 33 in the boat before i had got board ( all released ).

I headed back to the islands at 12 bridge and decided to troll the bluffs from 12 bridge to Prairie creek, A smart move caught a bunch of nice crappie ( they really are gods gift to a pan) a coupe legal and a bunch of short walleye, Black bass to 5lbs a few Kentucks but my Best of the day was an 18'' Smallie that thought he was Marlin, Never seen a smallie jump and tail walk so much and on 4lb test it was a ton of fun.

Trolling baits were Flicker shad

Casting baits were Keitechs in purple and in white

BTW HLS Rogers has some of the new larger Flicker Shad and they work great, 10lb flouro trolled 100ft back easily gets them into 22fow ticking the bottom.

There is a lot of bait along those bluffs mark it and back off, throw the lure toward the banks and slow crawl it on the bottom seems to be the ticket I would guess I had in a 5 fish bass limits near 18lbs possibly 20 3 of the blacks were easy 5lbs and all full of shad.

Anyway No way I wasnt taking a picture of the smallie so here it is.


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