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Fishing 1/7 &1/11


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Lanched 1/7 campbell point with a friend who is a fishing fool. We caught 30 to 35 spots with most being smaller fish. See bass boat central for pictures he posted. Caught them in back of small coves 7 to 10 fow on jerkbaits and outside of boat houses in 25 fow on spoons. Most were caught between 10:00 and 2:00. water was 45 and warmed to 48.

1/11 went to aunts creek and threw everything with no bites until hit cedar hollow went to a tube and 1/4 weight fishing 20 feet deepoff point and 300 feet down bank caught 4 keeps 2 sm and 2 spots. Went to little aunts picked up another keeper sm. Long distance released 3.

Haven't landed a lm they must be even deeper. anyone have and ideas or suggestions where they are?

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