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The White Will Rise Again!


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I can't believe how relieved I am see this rain fall across the watershed. It's a little weird.

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They predicted 1-2" of rainfall,

most of the white has 4-5" and so does the Illinois.

Im about to go in the backyard and check the stage in Clear Creek.

Its gotta be 1/2 full bank at this point.

Whats really cool, this rain was warmer than our average high temp today.

Thats just crazy

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Good to see the creeks running but they were so dry, this would have been a 2 foot rise if the creeks were flowing when it came. I don't think we will even see a foot rise in the lake but just stopping the drop is big news. Wish we had 2 more inches coming but doesn't look like it, maybe March will be kind to us.

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I planned on running up either war eagle or the white this weekend in hopes of getting my crappie limit.

How do you think this water will effect the fishing up the rivers?

high and muddy, not so good for crappie

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