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Okuma Citric 5.4 Deep Cranking Reel For Sale $50


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I have an Okuma Citrix reel for sale. It is a 5.4 gear ratio in right hand i bought last year for deep cranking, but really didn't use it that much. The reel is in great shape. The silver side plate does have weathered look from where my palm was sitting. Like I said I didn't really use it that much, but think the oils on my hands are what make the plate have a discolored look. It retails for $120 and I'm asking $50. PM me if interested. Thanks



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I just bought it from cabelas last July for $120. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the reel. I took it with me on 8 fishing trips but didn't spend much time deep cranking. The reason I'm getting rid of it is because I got a lews reel for Christmas that I'm going to use for deep cranking. You can look and the cabelas website and verify how much I paid for it.

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