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Fellows 2/14/13

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The last few times that I have been to fellows I have been skunked. Poor stucture on the grafts with low water situation. Don't know if this fishery is struggling as much as I am trying to fish it. Anyone else have this same problem?

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Lol its easy to find, by the dam there is a cove on the right where water comes in the lake. It doesn't matter what side of the cove your on you will be casting to the middle of it. Its about 60 ft deep. Once you cast out as far as you can, you need to feed the line out by hand to get your bait all the way to the bottom. They are hitting hard on leeches. You can use a boat but I can tell you, you will not catch one walleye. I am sure they scare once a boat comes by them. Trust me I tried it off a boat didnt catch one thing, then I parked it and fished off the shore and started catching them none stop.

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