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Jacks Fork Springtime Smallmouth


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I have some time on my calendar this year for a springtime Jacks Fork Smallmouth float. I am wanting to do an overnighter or maybe two from Rymers to Two Rivers. Was wondering which month in Spring is generally considered the best for Smallmouth? I fished the JF in the Summer before and had pretty good luck with 4" YUM stickbaits. Does that bait hold true for Spring?

Any information is appreciated.

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Mid April is a fantastic time to float and enjoy the scenery..Mother nature coming to life, dogwoods in bloom, but the fishing is usually inconsistant. Mid May through mid September is prime time if fishing is a priority. Have fun.

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To many go to lures...Cover it from top to bottom and figure out what works best..I like a top to bottom approach...and I fish pretty fast unless the fish tell me something else..I always have at least 4 rods rigged on a float..usually start with these.....Walking bait, suspending jerkbait, spinnerbait, jig & chunk...then adjust if needed....Buzzer, Fluke, Swim Jig, Soft Plastics.

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