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Spin Report - 2/15-2/17


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Made our yearly trip a few weeks early this year and had one of the more productive weekends yet. Somehow last weekend chose to be 20s and 30s bracketed by 60s and I'm sure it was near 70 Sunday afternoon when we headed home. Go figure, Missouri weather in February.

We all usually spin fish with ultralights from boats on our trips, and this year I continued my vow to fish jigs more, especially up from Fall Creek. Friday and Saturday there was no generation, so the gravel bar just up from the creek claimed two of our props (Luckily not my new Optimax) Stopped at the area just below this bar and threw a 1/8oz Gold cleo and 3/32oz brown/orange jig on 4# and 2# direct tie respectively. Smaller rainbows on nearly every cast. The fish would turn on and break the surface, sometimes jumping clear out of the water in this area and would bite for several minutes, then shut off for a few, but unlike the past years we've been down, they'd start right back up in just a few minutes again.

Saturday morning I dared to make the run past the overhanging tree and up to what I think you all call the narrows and stopped there. Again, no water flow so just trolled down the break from 2' to 8' of water throwing a straight tied 3/32 white jig this time and again did very well. Others in our group threw cleos and also caught quite a few.

Sunday we had some generation, but not enough that the water level really came up much, at least I don't think. Made the run back up to the same spot and didn't have as much luck with the white, but threw the orange and brown 1/8oz and caught/released a really nice 18" brown among a good deal of very colorful and good fighting rainbows. Came back to below the creek mouth and caught a few on a shallow diving, sinking countdown rainbow colored crankbait.

All and all, a very productive weekend. Was surprised we did well with no generation, but we'll definitely take it. Thanks to Lilley's for hooking us up with slips for the weekend.

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  • Root Admin

That one unit generation is perfect for jig fishing above the Narrows... I love it. Glad you had a productive weekend. It did get a bit crowded below the Narrows at times... seemed like no one wanted to venture past the tree, like you said. The Narrows is SO narrows it's hard to get by everyone fishing IN the narrows without making someone upset. But they have to consider those fish go on a feeding frenzy every time a boat goes through and stirs things up.

I think most everyone caught a lot of rainbows this weekend. A jig with orange in it, either marabou or head color, was the hot lure.

Thanks for the report.

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