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Crawford's Spring River Report

Phil Lilley

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Water levels are running at 277 cfs at the spring and water clarity is clear. The Spring River because it is feed by one massive spring, always has a green tint to the water. This keeps the water from becoming crystal clear like local tail waters. The green tint allows fly fishers to use heavier tippet like 4x when fishing. This allows for less break offs and a better chance to land a big trout.

Y2k's, Guppies, and olive woollies have been hot this week with fly fishers and hot pink and purple haze trout magnets and rooster tails have been hot for spin fishers. When using the trout magnets, take a little time before your fishing trip to super glue some bodies to the hook. This prevents the bodies from sliding down. Trout magnet also makes and excellent indicator for using the trout magnet that also works great with fly fishing. Check them out at trout magnet.com. Awesome products for fishing for trout in our local waters. Trout magnets do not have flavor, so the trout are not as likely to swallow the hook and helps greatly with catch and release. The jigs themselves work great for making micro jigs that a lot of fishers like to use in trout parks. It can still get cold out so layer up, dress warm and have a great time.


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