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Anyone Else Crazy Enough To Go Tonight?

Nathan Shaw

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We got down there at 8 and went straight to the old KOA area to start. It was cold. It was windy. It was dark and the fish were hungry. We fished down there till about 11 and easily landed 35+ fish each. Bites on white mink sculpins on every drift. Did I mention it was cold. Needed a finger warm up break so we jumped in the truck and headed up to fish the rebar hole around 11. Both my buddy and caught several more in that area on white mink and black pine squirrel. It just so happened to be cold there too. About midnight we took another warm up and snack break then headed to the flats between outlets one and two. We finished the night there with another dozen or so fish each. Most fish all night were in the 10-13 inch range. A few in the 15-17 inch range and one nice one pushing 19 inches


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Well, we started at outlet two about 8. Like mentioned a I've it was windy and cold. My buddy and I haven't used the ol' fly rid in a while so we decided to start of drifting scuds and y2k's under and indicator. We stayed at outlet two for a couple hours and the y2k was the fly of choice. We probably caught 15 or so there. Went on down to outlet one and caught a few more. It was cold and windy but a good time was had.

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