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March 3 Trip.


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A fishing pal and I hit the lake at about 12:30 on Sunday with an upstream breeze blowing and the air temperature in the 50's. We started at the riffle above KOA and fished within 50 yards of there until about 3:30 pm. We quit with about 25 fish each. Most of my buddy's fish came on an olive #12 wooly bugger. I caught almost all of mine on midges of various colors. I just prefer to fish indicators. It reminds me of my days as a small child when we would fish with bobbers and bait for bluegills, crappies and bass.

The chop on the water Sunday gave the flies all the action they needed beneath the indicator. When you can see that indicator bobbing on the waves, you can envision what the fly is doing below. The hardest part for me is being able to throw an upstream mend after a long cast. Part of that is the fact that my fly line will not float like I want it to. Time for a new one as my old one will not even respond to frequent dressings during the day.

I needed a good trip on Taney as we had become spoiled by fishing the White every chance we got and were beginning to treat Taney like a stepchild.


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Good report Russ. Sounds like you had a good time. I was gonna fish Sunday, but the truck had different plans. Radiator decided not to hold antifreeze any more, so I spent the day replacing it. I can tell you, I would have rather been fishing.

A Little Rain Won't Hurt Them Fish.....They're Already Wet!!

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Ozark Trout Runners


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