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Beaver Lake Resorts


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I have always stayed on TR, but was thinking we would like to try beaver. Would like some recommendations for a nice resort for the wife and I. Would be pulling my boat down, so a nice dock and assessibilty to it would be nice. Wife fish's some, but needs a pool and comfortable cabin, shopping and stuff, if you get my

drift. Have to keep her happy while I go out and burn baits!

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Yeah, that's the only one I can think of that is right on the lake, too.

Beaver Lake is beautiful and I love fishing it, but if you're planning on catching fish and the choice is between Beaver and TR, do yourself a favor and stay on TR. I live just off Beaver and we still make regular trips up to the Rock to catch more and bigger fish. Much as I hate it, TR is just a better fishery.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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I remember fishing a tournament one year while the FLW was practicing and had just finished the week before on TR. We had one small fish in the boat around noon when we pulled up on Larry Nixon, so I trolled over to him and explained our story and asked him "were have you found fish?" he replied " ON TABLE ROCK".

We can help with places for women to shop though, we are the center of the universe for retail. :have-a-nice-day:

Eureka Springs is where you want to stay to fish upper Beaver lower Table Rock and find everything for the wife, but the cabins are not water front like Table Rock.

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