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A Nice Suprise

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Throw enough flys and a suprise now and again is nice.


Such a nice day the Mrs. and I went to some new ponds we have never fished. They were real low until the recent rains and now they are up into mowed grass. We found clear and very warm water in a cove. We started stripping some large #2 and #4 buggers in 4 to 12 inches of water and bass city it was. Caught a dozen or so and then a big swirl and this channel cat hit. I catch quite a few each year on the fly, fun times,


"We have met the enemy and it is us",


   If you compete with your fellow anglers, you become their competitor, If you help them you become their friend"

Lefty Kreh

    " Never display your knowledge, you only share it"

Lefty Kreh

         "Eat more bass and there will be more room for walleye to grow!"


    " One thing in life is for sure. If you are careful you can straddle the barbed wire fence but make one mistake and you will be hurting"


  P.S. "May your fences be short or hope you have long legs"


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