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Report For 4/6/13


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I fished for about 2 1/2 hours this morning at Montauk and I played around with the Tenkara rod. Now I am hooked big time on that type of fishing. I started in the Catch & Release area, and quickly learned how to wind skip a dry fly to have the fish leap out of the water and take the fly in mid air. Now that was fun. I was fishing a scud with only a few nips and tugs but nothing hooked up, I saw the fish start working a caddis hatch & tied on a # 18 tan elk hair caddis. On the first drift the wind picked up the tippet and lifted the fly off the surface and skipped it up stream. The third time the fly lifted off the water a trout leaped up and took it.
I have never had the ability to do this with a western style rod. With the 11' Tenkara I was able to set the fly on the surface then lift it so the wind would skip it along and almost every time I was able to do this I hooked up with fish. All the fish were good size fish and it was so easy to land them on 5X Tippet.
I moved over to the river below the Jetty hole and started fishing the riffles had to change from the Elk Hair Caddis to a size 16 gray bead head scud. I had about 6 spin cast anglers ahead of me throwing spinners and jigs. So I let them yank and splash their way further on down the river while I took a step and fished took a step and fished my way down. I was able to hook up with 9 fish before I had a crew of guy's come wading right up the center of the drift so I decided to call it a day. I plan on going back Monday when I will have it to myself LOL.
I saw some fish being caught on Glo-Ball and Egg Patterns. The wind was just a little to high for dry fly action on the section above the dam.

If you have never tried the Tenkara fishing at your favorite small stream your missing out on a great relaxing type of fishing. I would not recommend it for the bigger streams or deep waters but the Upper Current River is Ideal for this sport.

Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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