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Hey just wanted to myself. Im 25 and have been coming to our cabin here on the gravois since I can remember. Been gettin into bass fishing the past several years. Anyways I'm interested in discussing tactics here on the gravois. Attached are some pics of my latest catch!..ok the file is too big. Well it was a 20 incher, 4 lbs 5 oz. Caught it on a deep diving crankbait, but shhh don't tell anyone!

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I tell you what. There is a recent thread on here called looking for a guide. You should read it because it gives some valuable information about a few fishing systems(tactics) that would be of help. . Only advice I would give you about bass fishing is do not get caught up in the tackle buying mania. something like a jig can be something you could write a book about using it. Yes I am on the Gravois when I am here.

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