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I am going to need to replace my batteries. I have a Yamaha f40, small Sonar, and two live wells and bilge I need to run, I also have a 12 volt trolling motor and kicking the idea of going to a 24. A lot of my fishing is on tanneycomo and thought maybe the 24 volt would give me better juice in the current? I could use your all opions on that and what batteries. I have hear of a lot of people using a small lawn mower battery to use as there starting battery anyone every tried this. I know most people that were talking about it was using a 4 stroke motor. Thanks for the help and input.

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with batteries its like anything else, its all in how much your willing to spend. If your wanting to save weight get a odyssey pc925 to start your f40 and accessories. They are pretty pricey but will last twice as long as a conventional battery.

I wont own a 12v trolling motor. my js riverboat runs a 65lb thrust minn kota. I run wheel chair batteries which look just like lawnmower batteries. The difference is they are AGM batteries and have incredible reserves. my two agm batteries weigh way less than a group 31 deep cycle and last longer

everything in this post is purely opinion and is said to annoy you.

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