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Moon Lit Night Fishing Report, Oct 17

Phil Lilley

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Duane and I left the dock last night at 8:30 and boated to the dam. Water still running good. We drifted and fished the north bank, throwing mice and big streamers. Nothing. We made to runs before drifting on down and fishing the bluff from Lookout down. Still nothing.

Duane switched to a streamer - I'll let him tell you what he used. He caught 2 rainbows.

I switched up and threw smaller streamers, sink tip, still nothing. The water was dropping out fast and we were slowing down.

Switched banks below the Narrows and I caught 2 rainbows on a black Hybernator, sink tip. Duane caught 3 more rainbows before Fall Creek and we called it quits about midnight.

Got entertained at the Fall Creek apartments on the water by some wacked out guys... electric guitar full volume outside for about 6 minutes. Quite a show. Followed by shouting and breaking of furniture and dishes on their deck. Waiting for police or security or a neighbor protest - nothing. I guess everyone is used to it???

Rock On!

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