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A Great Trip


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Met up with some good friends at msp for two days of fishing. Crowds were light probably due to deer season opener. Fishing was a little on the tuff side due to a somewhat small number of stream fish. I think possibly we are seeing the effects of the urban program on our full time waters. All of the big fish we found were regulars and mostly with the lip and mouth disease. That is tight lipped and mostly kept their mouths shut. Harv hooked up with one just long enough to get excited and then the hook just pulled out for no good reason. JT landed one on friday and I caught what appeared to be the same fish on saturday. I had a great time fishing with old friends and ready for a return trip, maybe to some urban lake where there are bigger numbers of fish. My thanks to Harv and JT. Looking forward to doing it again.

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Laker67,did enjoy getting to fish with you and and Harv in the C&R at Montauk.Harv didn't seem to be rusty from not trout fishing much over the past several seasons.Called the shop where I got those backup waders before leaving the Park to explain the problem of a wet left foot on a brand new pair of waders.Was cooler than I expected and the wind didn't help,but I thought I was getting wet on the left foot-couldn't be on waders right out of the box.Am ready for our next trip but will wear my regular waders Enjoyed it!

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