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Trip To Blue Springs

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Went down to blue springs creek today. I fished downstream of the N bridge. Only caught two fish both about five inches in length and i don't believe they were trout. Quite possibly a minnow of some sort? They had a green back silver pinkish sides with three horizontal black stripes. Any help identifying them would be cool. There were schools of them in all the pools almost. Also a really nice bwo hatch today in the area around 2:30pmish.

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It was some type of minnow or another. I'm not up on my minnow identifications, but there are some guys on here that are. A 5 inch trout is unmistakable, IMO. You will see at 5 to 10 dark dots on the side of the fish, Parr marks.

Example from Crane Creek:


If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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The coloration sounds like bleeding shiners, but they don't hardly ever get any bigger than 4 inches. I've caught a lot of them on flies while fishing for trout. Only minnows that get to 5 inches or more and are likely to take flies are creek chubs and hornyhead (or the closely related red-spot) chubs, and striped shiners (striped shiners, contrary to the name, don't have horizontal black stripes, by the way). Google bleeding shiner and see if that was your fish.

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