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Dec. 3 Cambell Point Area

merc1997 Bo

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got to get out today for a bit of fishing. i think i saw babbler in big creek this morning. fishing was just ok today. had to work for bites, and we caught them from 10 ft. to 60 ft. it seemed that even the deeper bass, you could not get over the top of them we caught a lot of our bass casting and retrieving back. this is a bit tricky to do when the bass are suspended. we did manage one nice 4lber, a couple of big whites, and 4 other keepers. the warmer weather seems to have scattered them somewhat. there was another thread about how much do you use sonar. we saw lots of bank beaters but never did see them catch a fish. not to say that someplace there are some shallow bass. with the extended cold weather coming i would expect from shell knob on down, that much of the bite will be from 40ft. on down.


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Started at Big Bay at 0800 just as Bo said. Again I'm struggling. I refuse to abandon the deep bit and much like Bo stated it was super hard for me for most of the morning. Fished from BCreek to above Shell Knob, concentrating most of my efforts in the 45 to 70 ft. range, where they should be. Probably have never jerked so many shad. In some locations they will just black you out from 70' to 30'. Most are very, very small threadfins. There are some gizzards working the surface and you can see the birds working the shad in some location.

Went from 0800, till 10 Am without a bite or even seeing deep fish. Just shad. Started flipping the shady side of some docks on the South bank between Campbell Pt. and the Knob and started catching LM really quick. Most in the shade or shady stalls in the 25' range. 5 fish all short. Got a fill of this and just had to get back after the deep fish. It is what I do and who I am.

First location about 11:30 was a deep gut in a creek arm and I caught 14 K's with 2 keeps and they were squeekers, that is what I wanted to get started. Fish were at 56' worming thru the shad. First fish I had seen move on bait all day. Caught most on a 3/8th. Cabelas jigging spoon in pearl. Some on a grub.

Went back to Big Creek to the very same locations I fished early and the fish were on top of the shad and moving in the water column. Fish were in the 40' range over 50' to 75'. Caught 6 nice LM here, all keepers, nothing over 3, but certainly not the squeeks the K's had been. I really wanted to stay and chase them some more, but it was closing in on 3 Pm and had to get home.

Bo, wish you would have hollered. For sure for me the afternoon bite was the best. Surface temps at the Knob started out at 54.6 and when I put the boat on the trailer at 3PM at Big Bay the temp was 57.3.

Water is pretty clear up there, and with the cold coming it will really settle out and clear up. Lots and lots of Eagles.

Good Luck

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where did you see the eagles?? we never saw a one all day. many times when you are in an area with shad, but do not really see any activity at all, not need to start banging the bottom under or adjacent to the shad. it is slow going, but you will eventually get one to bite, and that in itself will cause a flurry. this is how we caught all of our early bass. bass are not going to be very far from the food source, and if you are not seeing them suspended, they are flat on the bottom resting, imo. now, is when you have to create a reaction bite, and the best way i have found is to beat them on the head with something. i have seem times when the blacks will suspend in trees close to the shad, and these can be caught also, but it is tricky staying glued to a tree and the wind is howling. boat control with the trolling motor is something that i know there are many would increase their bass catching abilities if they just worked on that area. i have fished with many bassers that are either fishing or running the trolling motor. that does not work for pinpoint accuracy with lure presentation. you need to be able to fish, run the troller, and watch electronics all at the same time.


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