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Boats help fishing

Phil Lilley

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Just learned something...

You know that fishcam I keep talking about. It's not on the internet yet but I have it up in my office now thanks to a wireless transfer from the dock and a new flat screen TV I just installed.

I'm watching anywhere from a dozen to dozens of fish- 80% rainbows and 20% creek chubs- swimming around under our dock. The camera is 12 inches off the bottom which consist of slit and fish remains (it's located under the cleaning shack). The water is about 8-9 feet deep at that point.

I've noticed when a boat goes by- out in the middle of the lake more than 100 feet away, sediment is dislodged from the bottom and the trout go into a feeding frenzy.

When fishing, I've always noticed when a boat goes by we get bit. Now I know why- for sure! I've seen it first hand.

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phil, ive experianced the same thing quit a few times fishing off the docks with powerbait when im down there. i always thought it was from the motion going up and down with the waves making the bait bouce and getting the fish to bite but the sediment thing makes a lil more sense.

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