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trolling motor batteries?

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I have a 19' Bass Cat with a 82 lb. Motor Guide 24V. Wondering what kind of batteries to buy(Optima, Interstate, Trojan etc.). What do you guys think as far as value/maintenance? I have had AC Delco maintenance free in the past in another boat and had good luck with them. Just looking for some help. Thanks

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I have run a lot of different batteries and believe that brand is not as important as maintainance. I just got rid of batteries which were close to 5 years old and still going strong, but after that much time I was beginning to wonder if they would let me down sometime soon.

What I do is get deep cycle batteries with the most reserve amps that I can get (preferably 200). Never let the water get low and never let them set for more than one day after use before recharging. I always get them at a marine shop of some kind instead of a Wally World or auto parts store. If you are close to Spfld. George at Marine Repair Center or Rick at Fin and Feather should be able to fix you up.

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Check this out...

w w w.bwbmag.com/output.cfm?id=942715

I use wet cell batteries and change them every 4/5 years.

However I bought the wall mart yellow batteries and they failed after 18 months. 18 month warrantee. Only takes one bad one to ruin both batteries in a 24 volt system.

I did get new ones of the same kind because I did get some money on the old ones. Will keep a close eye on how they hold up. Those batteries are made by a few different large manufacturers.

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I don't know about brands, but I always buy batteries from Shumaker's Battery Warehouse in Golden Missouri. Those folks are 100% customer service advocates. I purchased a deep cell that failed a few months after the warranty ran out. They replaced the battery... no prorate... no cost at all. They didn't care about the warranty as they felt the battery failed too soon, and wouldn't take a dime for the replacement. Great people to deal with, and they have me as a customer for life.


AKA Flysmith - Cassville MO

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