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A Quick & Small Bluegill Fly Swap - Looking For Five Folks


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Anyone interested in doing a quick bluegill fly swap. Figure we can finish up in November. Just looking for a small group. Need five volunteers. Let me know.

  1. MIC - Wire Nymphs

  2. Daddy O

  3. Lancer09

  4. Ruthead

  5. Scott K - Mini Hoppers

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Really only need one more, but two would be better. Come on tiers, how much time does ten bluegill flies take. That is like one beer and a football game.

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Which ones work better the first flies or the last flies.

For me it would be fly 4 thru 7!!

I'll get in if'n ur still needin another.

"Pretty soon we may not have any rights left because it might infringe on someone's rights"

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