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Half-hitch by hand

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Excellent video, Phil. I found a similar one at CopperFly. Here is a link to their half hitch, using red thread: CopperFly Half-Hitch.

Or just check out their video's page: CopperFly Videos. Has good tutorial vids on starting the thread and hand whip finishing. EVen a whip finish with the matarelli tool (which I made myself from some stripped solid copper wire).

Not necessarily for you fly tying vets but definitely for us rookie green horns.


Each time I buy a new fly............

My wife gives me the same look........

I give her when she buys another purse...


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Guest flyfishBDS

Always use this technique except for tiny flies


Takes away most of the need for varnish

Funny how much you learn once you start commercial tying. I'd always been a tie 2, pat dog, get a drink, change tv channels etc etc tie two of another pattern.

Speed and consistency is everything.

Consistency is measuring, preparing materials, same numbers of thread wraps/rubs/hackle turns, thread tension control etc

Speed comes, when you limit the number of extraneous moves, Know where your tools and materials are, have everything ready.

I'd already learnt to tie with scissors on my hand all the time, then I started with the hand whip finish above on everything down to 16s. I'm more precise on smaller flies with a matarelli

The only thing different I do is insert the tip of my scissors into the loop to guide the placement of the knot.

Worth practicing.

Cheers and thanks for the site


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