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I'm heading down to the Current/Montauk area this weekend. Haven't fished there in January before. Would anybody care to share any helpful tips? I'm sure the water will be up a little, flow will be a little swifter, and probably murkier than normal. I plan to fish deep and dark. Any suggestions on hot spots, tactics or flies would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I've fished it several times this winter and the best fishing has been above Ashley Creek. If the water is up, go with flies that look like banded sculpins or shiner minnows. They are the main forage for the larger browns. If you see some risers try small caddis or bwo's or midges. Go with a glow ball or a mohair leaches in olive, cream, or brown if you want to catch numbers. Your best chance for a big one is to get there first or be there last when the sun is off the water. Cheers.

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Ashley Creek is about a mile downstream of the Baptist Access. I'm not aware of a road access. FWIW, Ashley isnt THE place to fish. Just saying that I've been catching a lot more fish between the Park and Ashley Creek, than I have been between Ashley and Cedar Grove. Cheers.

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