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1-27 Report


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Went down to Montauk Friday afternoon. Had the entire primitive camping area to myself. Built a nice big fire and relaxed. Saturday morning was able to fish anywhere I wanted, probably 20 people total all day in the park. Was successful with #14 BH Flashback PT and #18 BH PT Emerger droppers. Probably 10 fish on each. The real fun was when the sun would come out for a two or three minute period, and the trout were looking up to the surface. My indicator was a #14 elk hair caddis, and the trout tore it to pieces. As soon as the sun went behind the clouds, the hits would stop for a few minutes. I switched to a royal stimulator and it worked just as well. It is in a tree still because of an over-agressive hook set on a missed fish with a tree right behind me. Was going to camp out Saturday night too, but 10 degrees is a little too cold for a tent. Can't wait to go back.

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