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just bought 3 colors of the x rap. a few rouges, and a good selection of craws lizards and worms.. all darker colors.. some purples have heard in winter darker plastics work better... so anyway can't wait to get over there.. one week left.. by the way i see they are calling for freakin snow during the time i am going to be there.. sucks maybe bass and crappie like the snow :)

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I have a few questions regarding this topic. The first is what type of polie is better for this type. I have medium heavy rod with braided line on it. Just wondering some preferences for this technique. Also I know rogues and the x-raps, and pointers come in different profiles. Is it true that the bass will hit a larger profile in warmer water or what is the determination of the size of the bait.



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Greg, Xnay on the line and for the most part most of us are fish medlight on the rod action. I use the same rod that I work a zara spook with. 6ft. fast tip, spongy middle and good backbone at the handle.

Reason for the Rod. The quick tip allows you to move or twitch the bait while maintaining it in the same location and not moving it toward the boat, just altering the head position of the bait in a back and forth movement.

Soft middle section is always what you want when using trebles as on the lift or hook set it will keep you from tearing the small hooks out. Same reason a lot of the pro's are still fishing glass rods on cranks. The butt section is self explanitory.

I an most of use stickbait freaks like the long handle. Everyone except Buster and he is a master. He uses a 5 1/2 glass rod with a pistol grip handle. He has two and if you tried to buy one it would cost your house.

He just flicks his wrist to alter the bait movement.

Line is pretty much set a huge seceret is most stickbait fools, use 8 lb. either Max. or 8 lb. P. A few guys like SKMO use floracarbon, I will if I want the bait to sink slightly as the flor. will sink the bait. Most guys use mono because it will stay in the same position as the bait. I have had the flora. sink at a greater rate than a neturally boyant stickbait, if I'm letting it set for long periods, and this is ok, unless I'm fishing cedar, where I don't want the bait to get hung-up.

It's all good with the line, but try and stay in the 8 to 10 lb. range if possible. If that bait is attached to a well rope you just won't get the action.

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What brand of rod do you use for your stickbaits. I fished with Bill Beck last Sunday and he was using an All Star rod if I remember correctly. Do you prefer med. light over med. action? Just curious what rod you are using because I am thinking of getting a new stickbait rod.


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Freak, did you get to go up the White where the fish live, or were you guys playing with electronics on deep fish around Kimberling?

Billy told me he had a trip he had to work really hard on last week.

I use a custom rod made by the Rod Shop out of Kansas City. It is a medlight.

I also have a med. and and medlight Falcon that I really like. The Rod Shop Rod is by far the cream of the crop. 816-668-3026. I'm sure they could get you one about as soon as you wanted it.

Would also be glad to let you take a look at mine.

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We played with the deep fish around Kimberling so we could further learn our electronics. He was a huge help. Thanks for the info on the rod. I may get ahold of you this week on the Rod Shop rod. Do use the Falcon original or Cara? What kind of price do the Rod Shop rods go for?

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I'll break into the middle of this. I remember reading my brothers copy of In-Fisherman back in the old days (late 80's) and seeing an article about "custom weighted" Rapalas for use in winter at Ozark lakes.

My brother tinkered with a few and being recently married, didn't get the chance to fish them, so little brother (me) got them. I tried them out on several local lakes where I caught bass crappie fishing in the winter. Man did they work!

So for several winters, I went out and caught fish all winter on these strange lures.

When production models came out on the market, I was first in line.

The doctored Rapalas were light so I used a 6'6" spinning rod and 8 lb. maxima.

Theses days I throw light jerks on a 7' fast action med/light spinning rod with 10 lb. test power pro or fireline. I tie a 8-10 ft. of Orvis Mirage or Rio flouro leader, 3x( about 9 lb. test) to the end of the superline. These fly tippet fluoros are far stronger per diameter than Vanish or other brands meant for regular tackle. A 7' rod is too long for most guys, but I'm 6' tall and from the front deck of my boat this rod is just an inch or so front the water when I point in down where I like to work it.

I like spinning tackle because I'm a puss and wear gloves, but I can also throw a Rogue a loong way with this setup.

By the way, my favorite new bait, works like a Rogue, casts like an X-Rap:


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Thought I was the only nut that threw a stick sometimes on a spinning rod. I do RS. I just can't make myself use anything other than 8 lb. though. Where you fish up the James and around the cedars, you are no doubt the wiser of the two of us, with the heaver line.

Do you remember when the floating Rapalas came to Table Rock and a few of the boat dock had them. They would drill and pour lead into the floaters and wrap lead around the hooks.

Dan Langly tells me that when he ran Campbell Point they would rent these baits. Have you heard these stories?

Freak, I use the old style lowrider.

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No, Bill, I don't remember them on Table Rock because I wasn't here. I grew up just outside Wichita, Ks. I fished those lures in some local lakes there, and was probably the only guy (young punk) in the area doing it. Moved here in '95 at the ripe old age of 24.

I am writing an article about the origins of the first weighted home-made jerkbait. Seems no one knows who came up with it first. I would love to talk to Dan, have never heard of him.

On a side note, for fishing around heavy cover, instead of the lighter rig, I use a 7' medium spinning rod with 6/14 Fireline w/ a 1x (14.5 lb. test) Mirage leader. This leader is about the same diameter as regular 10 lb. flouro.

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