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Pomme de Terre experience


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Since no one has posted here yet about Pomme de Terre, I might as well start it off.

I like to go up there on the hottest days of summer. Lots of the side coves have flooded timber, and I've found that crappie like to lay on the shady side of each stick-up. I'll rig a small bobber and split-shot with a minnow about 4' below the bobber. Cast beyond each stick and reel it back to the shade of the stick. Those crappie are lazy on hot days - if your bait's a foot out in the sun they won't come to it, but if it's right by the tree trunk in the shade you'll catch one.

All I know about muskies - I was using that method in a deep cove and bringing a crappie in on my ultralight, when something grabbed the crappie and took off across the cove with it. No bass in the world ever felt like that, it was like being hooked onto the back bumper of a speeding pickup truck. That lasted for about five seconds until the fish spooled me and broke off - and I felt lucky to get my pole back.

So, I've actually been ahold of a muskie - but it felt like the muskie was ahold of me!

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I am glad someone is posting here on Pomme. I have fished the lake a few times and really like it. I have never caught a Muskie but have caught some Nice Crappie, 'Gills, and Small Mouth. I would like to know more about the lake and where and when the fish are biting. So keep postin :)


I would rather be fishin'.

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I went to Pomme one time with my grandma and grandpa like 6 years ago or something. It was alot of fun and I want to go back up there again sometime.

We caught mainly crappie dropping minnows and jigs besides the stumps and sticks.

I think I had a muskie attack my float too while fishing too. I was using one those orange cigar looking floats and we cranked the trolling motor up and started moving and something big came up and nailed my float. It was pretty awesome.

I need to study up on muskie fishing and go try to catch me one :D

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Fished Pomme some.

While I lived in Columbia.

Moved to Springfiels this past summer

so I intend to fish it alot more.

Been a real hit-&-miss lake for me.

Some trips...unbelieveable.

Other times....couldn't hook anything of any size.

Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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I haven't been to Pomme since gasoline went sky-high.

35 miles from my house to launch on Tablerock or Bull Shoals, versus 71 miles to the launch ramp at Pomme de Terre makes a big difference.

I didn't go to Stockton this last year either, for the same reason.

But Tablerock and Bull Shoals are mighty big lakes, so I don't feel too limited!

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