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Turkey Creek


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Just curious if anyone has fished turkey creek lately. Heading up tomorrow and will be targeting whites and LM. Fished sons creek last weekend, lost iPhone in about 8' of water but other than that had a good day. Caught probably 20 LM, all on 3/8-1/2oz jigs (mostly brown and orange) except for 3 that were caught on 1/2oz spinnerbait all white with white trailer. Only 5 were keepers. Also caught 1 keeper smallie on a jig. Target depth was 5-16' of water.


thanks guys. Good luck out there!

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Put in at cedar ridge in wind yesterday  for a few hours headed up river Til  I got  out of wind  ended up going past turkey   When I  ran thru the Aldrich bridge still was  in white caps     We had a few on crank baits  as of 20 mphwind  Had a nice one pull off  and had 1 nice one for  photo awesome light mud color    56.7  12 inch visibility 

everything looked fishy 





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