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Put in at sidewalk hole at 6:00.  Marked a lot of fish in the channel right by the ramp.  I don't have the best electronics and am no expert in reading the sonar but my guess is the whites are loaded up in there.  Water temp was 50-52 and it was pretty dirty.  Ran way up the river- as far as we could take the boat.   Water cleared up the further we ran.  We flung clousers at all our usual spots- nothing.  No whites up the river right now.  We did catch a few nice slabs up there but they were all in one spot- never a solid pattern.  Also caught a few small green fish.  Talked to an old timer at the ramp on the way out who said he caught 25 crappie but only 4 keepers.  It was a cold morning!


I think there will still be a white bass run- it is still early- but we will see.  It certainly didn't seem to be on just yet. 


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water temp & clarity at the ramp? green or brown stain? Thanks

I know where the crappie should be right now, so its a matter of time before the slabs start biting shallow. 2-3 weeks

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