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3/20 Snowbowl


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Like The Gambler we too had a cold, snowy and windy day.  Two boats and 4 pretty good sticks and all we could come up with was 7 fish, 5 keepers, for 7 hours on the water. Went out of Mutton and stayed pretty close to the ramp most of the day.  Junkyard fishing, one on a blade, 3 on a crankbait, 2 on a shakey head and one on a jig.  Water stayed at 48 all day wherever we went.  Anybody have any ideas what weight it took to win the small tourneys that were on the water this weekend?  Tight Lines!   

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fished Friday in the wind Had 2 that would go11-12     But that's the only keeper bites     1 nice one pulled loose   Posted  them in turkey creek

I'd sure like to get  to go again  

I'd think the a rig fish coming up out of the sanctuarys would be unbelievable   

And  a feller  had 2 7 pounders and several keepers  up the sac  but I can't say who or where  Saturday    






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