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4/17 sons creek


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Got on the water about 745 and ran back into sons creek.  Started in the creek north of greaser creek (anyone know if that creek has a name?)

Ran all the way to the last point and planned to work my way out until I found them,  but didnt need to.  Found several males just inside the last cut in the pocket and landed several 14inch LM that almost looked like carbon copies.  

Thought maybe if the bucks are on the edges of a spawning flat the females shouldnt be too far behind.  Went searching to no avail, so I went running around looking for similar areas-also no luck.  

Ended up back in that same pocket an hour and a half later. Caught a couple more bucks before heading to googer creek to finish the day with one more buck.

13 total but all in the 10-16inch range... no trophies, but still fun.  All came on 1/4oz shaky head with plum worm or wiggle wart. 

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