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Any recent Trip Reports?

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Finally get a couple days off to fish late next week, want to launch at Mari Osa.  Mainly Bass fishing, would appreciate any pointers?  Brother is coming down from Mich and promised him some water he hadn't seen before......

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Okay, I finally got out Friday 5/1 late morning to check it out.  Went up to the Lock first, water was high so easy trip for a newbie.  One boat was anchored up there fishing, but didn't get close enough to see what he was doing.  Fished east side of the bank most of the way back down to the boat launch, throwing a little of everything trying to find Bass.  Not much going on, looked interesting with a lot of trees and vegatation in the water but no luck.  Ran down to the mouth of the Maries and fished bank on both sides and back up the east side until we were across from the launch again.

Not sure I learned much outside of a fascinating conversation with a friendly gentleman as we were pulling out who gave me some Hybrid tips for the next trip.  Helix 5 is down, so I was fishing a little blind, hope to have that going next trip to aid in figuring out what I should be doing......


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3 hours ago, Hog Wally said:

The Missouri River is backed up to much to effectively catch anything there imo.  Cranks were the hot thing

That was odd, between the wind and backflow from MO it probably wasnt anything like what it normally fishes like.  I am going to try it again, it was enough to peak my interest even if the catching wasn't nearly as good as the company........


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