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Well Stump it finally happen. Rigged through some whites


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Well what I was hoping to avoid finally happen.... Pushed through a school of whites.  I just hate when that happens.  Striper tend to run and I could work them away from the other lines, but whites go ape crazy and cause a headache.  I just try and do my best and yank them out quick.


I was wanting to try one last hoo-rah rigging shallow water (5-8 feet deep) before going back to post spawn areas next trip out.   But all we caught where 5 small keeper crappie, a boat full of dink crappie that I quit counting, and maybe 10 or so white bass of various sizes.  With all the clusters and laughing at my dad who I had to put to work holding poles I didn't much pay attention.  

All the crappie I caught where further out about 12-15 feet of water, but like I said mostly all tiny.  Move on out to mouths of creeks or main river  flats next trip.  

That's the problem with only fishing once a week.  Got to wait a week to see if that works.

We did go jig fish shallow lay downs (2-4 feet of water) for a bit, but again all smaller keeper black males.

We'll see how it goes next week I reckon.  Here's some pics of a couple of whites and a pretty black male crappie.  Great weather this weekend.  God Bless.




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Are the whites really running down there or just a small group? I saw a lot of bass up on shore yesterday and the carp are grouping together that is usually a sign the whites are thru. 

How many poles got hit at once?

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Small packs spread all over.  I would go through some there, move go through more, move again and catch a couple more.  

Just a double rod hook up, but was constantly taking a fish off and baiting a hook.   


I was trying to get out of them

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