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This is my first post on here as a newbie to the forum. I'm a local Washington, Mo guy with a mixed bag of experience and a lot of years fishing and floating our little and big rivers. Been working the kinks out of a new to me project boat that I'm finally putting in some skinnier water...which means getting out of the Missouri and into the Gasconade, Meramec and others. I'm retired and will be out on the weekdays so that I can learn without getting in the way of too many folks. Spent the day today on the Meramec putting in at Robertsville State Park and running up to the Bourbeuse. Water was a perfect depth to provide a small amount of challenge and a lot of room to enjoy the day. No fish caught but we didn't try too hard. ("We" is me and my gal Susie). My boat is a 1448 Big Jon with a 4 stoke Yamaha 40/30 jet. It's apparently one of the smaller rigs on the river from what I've seen but it seems to run well...I have absolutely no business in anything bigger at this point in my learning curve.  Hope to meet you folks out on the river !! In the meantime we'll be learning by doing as often as possible and picking up tips by reading the forums here and on some of the other online resources. One this I know for sure is that I should've gotten myself a jet many years ago...beats the hell out lots of other ways to spend time.

Always live by running water...it gives you a means of escape.

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Welcome to the forums! I hope the jet gets you on to the rivers plenty! i look forward to reading some reports and seeing some fish pics.

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