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Little windy but found a few


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My nephew is in from Ohio to watch his cousin graduate nursing school but wanted to get a day on the lake so we hit and ignored the wind. Caught lots of shorts and managed about 6 keepers. He lost something big at boat. Hard to back off drag and hold on to rod with one arm but he does great. Has ties holder on his left led and fish was trying to pull his shorts off!!!!! Water temp. 67 to 70 fish old state park and hawker. Most of the fish came on Ned ring and split shot lizards. Color didn't seem to matter as watermelon red, pumpkin chart tail and green pumpkin worked for lizards. Ned was PBJ, pumpkin chart laminate or pumpkin orange laminate. 



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Love it trap shot  

nice memory blow does he like the lake ?

the nursing graduation is a blast 

still remember  that with Danielle

congrats to the young man   That nursing school is a heck of a accomplishment !!!!





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