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I was wondering what is a good level for wading the upper meramec? I haven't been able to find much information on average flows, just current flows. My guess is wading would be fine up to about 200 cfs, but have never fished the upper reaches of this river. Riverview is  as far upstream I've fished. Thanks for any feedback.

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You could probably do it at 200 cfs, 60-100 would be perfect. The river has a pretty good slug coming down it now but it might be right for floating in a couple of days and wadable a few days later. The further upstream you go the quicker it will settle down. 


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The little triangles on the graph above are the median flow for each day, which is pretty much the average.  Average in the spring is a lot more than average in the summer.  I've done a breakdown of average flows for each section of the Meramec.  Go to "articles" on this website (instead of where you are now--forums) and click on the Meramec--sections.  I didn't yet do this for all the rivers, but you can get all the info you need on average flows for the Meramec.  Here's normal flow for the stretch from Short Bend to Maramec Spring:

Normal flow for December through February:  45-80 cfs.
Normal flow for March through May: 70-160 cfs.
Normal flow for June through November: 25-60 cfs.
Low flows range from 10-25 cfs.
The highest flow likely to still be fishable ranges from 200-500 cfs.

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