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Lake Norfork Fishing Report 7/6/2016

Spoon Feeder

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      Went walleye fishing today with two guy from the walleye club. As 
you can see we had a good day fishing with the spoon. We caught 5 
walleye and had another 3 to 4 on put they got off.
       Best spoon 1/2 oz and the 1 oz many shad worked the best.
       Best color white
       Best depth   ether way of 30 feet
       Best place 1/2 way back in the creeks on points
       Best method  vertical jigging
       Best time we fished for about 4 hr 5AM TO 9 AM we also caught 
Crappie, Large mouth bass, small mouth bass, stripers, hybrids, white 
bass, blue gill, and the bast of all a 15 to 20 pound carp all on the 
                          Keep it Simple
                          Drop a Spoon



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