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caught a few brownies

merc1997 Bo

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went downstream and chased the brownies around for a bit last night.  what we did catch were deeper than previous trips.  most bites were 20 to 25.  if there was any pattern to be called one, we had more bites in the back section of larger pockets and smaller coves.  we did see some small shad balls as deep as 40 ft., but never did see any evidence of fish with them.  kind of hard to predict where a bass might be when there is a food source from the surface to 40 ft. deep.

because of the wind, started out throwing a 3/4 oz. jig and caught a few, but i changed to a 1/4 oz. jig and added a 1/2 slip sinker to the line to see if they would bite the smaller profile better, and that was the trick.  we scrounged around and ended up with 7 keepers and none of them were much over 16 inches.  two of the keeps were largemouths, and they came back in a cove.  we caught a few just about everywhere, which meant to me they are pretty scattered.  the only constant was that everything we caught was 20 to 25 ft.  basically, we just stayed on the move.  the one thing that we did not try was to go way back in on of the big coves or arms to check.  i would say that the rise and fall of the lake has had a big hand in fish migration right now.  many times with a rising lake level the shad will move off the main lake and go back into coves.  but, we found evidence of shad everywhere we looked, and they were at varying depths.


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Years ago i use to use slip sinkers on my jigs for added weight, always seemed to work extremely well, also gives a little different presentation to the jig.

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