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Saturday June 30 Fishing Report

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Three of us went up to Bagnell and fished from around 1pm till dark. Shad were absolutely everywhere up there below the dam so bait was easy to come by. The fishing was fantastic. We caught probably 30-40 channel and blue cats today and brought home I would guess around 20 that were from 1-4 pounds. Everyboat that we seen fishing today caught lots of fish. Nobody caught any catfish of any size that I seen though.

The biggest fish of the day was a 17 pound bighead that ate the drum fillet on my buddies hook. We brought our bowfishing rigs incase we ran into a school of those carp, but never did. Go figure that one would eat his cut bait LOL.

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There were quite a few people crappie fishing on the side opposite from the generators in the slack water. It looked like they were bringing it quite a few crappie, mostly small ones though.

I've caught a big crappie in my throw net trying to get shad every time I have been up there on the generator side where the bank cuts in a little bit. I see guys crappie fishing there all the time, but never see much catching.

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