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I can't agree more with some of the previous posts about the rude folks, but I find that during C&R there are far fewer of them, at least no folks with bobbers stretched 50 yards downstream, paying no attention to the fact that there are other peolple who might like to fish between them! I do take issue with people who become upset when someone crosses the stream at one of the very few places it's safe to cross with your "older dad" in tow. I was recently called a "cow" for crossing about 20 yards upstream of the nearest fishermen...THAT"S RUDE!

As for the slow fishing reported recently, I have not had that experience. We fished for about 4 hours on 1/21, and I landed at least 15 rainbows (3 goggleye, too:). Not the most furious day of fishing, but good fun.

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I tend to avoid fishing inside the trout parks for similar reasons during the "regular" trout season. Unless I am fishing the restricted area inside Montauk. I will usually wait to fish the parks once most people have harvested their four and have headed out of the stream. However, I believe the problem is not rudeness, but instead a general lack of fishing manners. I really believe that most people that you would consider "rude" are just ignorant of good fishing etiquette, or possibly the know-it-all types that I wouldn't want to be around anyway.

If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them

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I have to really bite my lip on some of the stuff people do down there. I hate getting tangled up with people, but it happens. A lot of times though they get irate about it and blame everyody else when they were the one with there line 50 yards down the stream. Those kind of people really strike a nerve.

I just deal with it though, I like trout fishing way too much. :D

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