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Fishing Buddy Report

Phil Lilley

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Edward Spence

Tuesday, January 24, I got to the parking area below the dam at 3:00 just as generation began with one unit on line. I fished off the gravel bar below the parking area starting with a #16 Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle with no success. I switched to a gray scud under an indicator and immediately had a fish break me off. I landed the next fish, a 13 inch Rainbow. Another fish broke me off before I quit at 5:00 as three units went on line.

Wednesday, January 25, generation ceased at 8:30 AM and I got to the water at 9:00. I started fishing at the rebar area with the #16 PT Soft Hackle. I had a few strikes before landing a small rainbow. I switched to a #14 White Body Soft Hackle and landed three Rainbows in the 11 to 12 inch range. I changed to a #16 White Soft Hackle and caught four larger Rainbows with the largest at 14 inches. I lost two nice fish I never saw and quit for lunch at noon. I was back fishing at 2:00 PM at the rebar area. Fishing was slow with a number of tentative strikes I believe were small fish. I continued with the #16 White Soft Hackle since I seemed to be having better luck than those around me. Later in the afternoon I caught three Rainbows with the largest at 13 inches. There was very little wind or current. I quit at 4:30. I had planned to fish in the morning before leaving, but again there were three units on line. The mornings were cold, but otherwise the weather was perfect, and there were few fishermen providing competition.

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