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Okay Folks. Two of my needs after we move are doctors. Throw some names at me. I need a general practioner for those occassional needs. More important I need a good cardiologist. I like docs with a sense of humor. And those willing to accept bad habits as a part of life. Not the I'm healthier than you and you should live like me type!

If any ladies are listening the wife needs one of those OB whatever type female doctors they are!

Branson would be good. Springfield if needed.




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General pract. Jon Clark is a no frills guy in Spfld. Very reasonable office charges. Independent cowboy. Not affiliated with any group. Cash business only.

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The Branson-Springfield area is blessed with about as many clinics as there are used car lots and banks... Between Skaggs, Cox, and St John's, you have a plethora of GPs and specialists from which to choose. I'm partial to St John's only because they pay the bills around here and my insurance was with them when I moved here.

I'm willing to bet you can find a GP/FM in Branson for your PCP as well as a cardio and OB/GYN. Between me, my wife, and kid, I've seen several of the docs at the St John's Super Clinic in Nixa and have been well pleased with all of them. Dr. Guy Miller is my PCP and he's pretty cool. He does not look like the typical MD and he has an earring... But then again, I have a hole in my left ear as well.



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Terry is right, Dave. You should be able to find everything you need in Branson. St. John's has specialists in Branson every week as well as the PCPs that are down there full time. I, too, work for St. John's, so I'm a tad partial. There is a large clinic building on 248 not far from 76 where many of the doctors have offices. They also have cardiac rehab (don't know where you are w/ your cardiac issues) in that building.

Good luck!

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