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Last Nights Fishing Report...


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I got to the dam about 9pm..

The was already 1 guy there, and as I was getting ready 1 more showed up.. It seem to me a busy night (6 people) for 2 units and this time of year.. It was great to see more and more people out at night..

well I started at outlet 2 with a midge/egg rig under a glow in the dark indicator.. Start off really good.. the bite was a little slow. Catching maybe 7-10 fish.. when I was join by some friend and we fished there for a little while longer..

We decided to head up top and throw some streamers.. while I tried a few different patterns.. and finally tied on the PMS....

3rd cast was a 18in brown... catch a few more.. I headed off my rod for a friend to cast a few time... Warning him when they hit it.. He well Know it!!

after a minute of coaching...

he made a good cast.. and within seconds he sets the hook...

we stood there and caught about 7 more (or so)... Ended the night on a BIG, COLORFUL BOW... about 19inch

AWESOME night... not many fish.. cold.. But hey.. Anytime spent on the water is a good night...


Phillip and Josh.. I enjoyed fishing with you guys last night..

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