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just cale the dam hotline and it said basically 1 unit all day long. for all you local guys is this about normal and have they been sticking to the projections?


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I assume you mean the generation schedule line? The one where it asks which hydropower facility you are talking about?

If so it is fairly accurate but far from 100%. You just never know. It really surprises me they would be projecting one unit tomorrow all day when it is supposed to warm up so much. Usually on warm winter days they don't generate much. But there really seems to be now rhyme or reason to the generation sometimes.


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1 unit from 12am to 9am 2units from 9am to 10am and 1 unit from 10am to 12am if i listened correctly. i was hopeing for a lot less than that. it hard to fish the old KOA when they are trying to flood you out.


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The other day they had 1 scheduled all day, but it did not happen. If your coming down this way and they are running more than one, you can always hit the catch and release season at Roaring River. Timsfly reported the water should be perfect this weekend. Or you could head over to Crane and fish for some of those McClouds


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