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Looking For A Lure


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Hey I heard there might be some pretty good fishing on a lure called a Little Jake Spin-a-Lure. I searched the local shops in St. Louis and didn't find it today, but did find it online. Does anybody know of where they are sold?

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This lures has been called many things.. Little Jake, bent brass, the Domino (most popular)..

When fishing from a boat.. they work.

fishing off a dock.. they work

fishing in high water.. they work...

Yes these work great (at least on Taneycomo).. really anytime of the year.

They make them in a few different color.. the one I use the most of is the Silver or gold (the key is using a snap swivel with them).. I think they suggest a size 14.. but I like the smaller swivel.

If you tye them striaght to the line "It WILL break off!!"

Place to find them.. any department store that sells fishing tackle... At Phils.. almost any tackle shop around Lake Taneycomo.. Bass Pro, Cabelas...

I would also recomend using atleast 4 to 6lbs line when throw these..

Last.. on the package.. it says use for spin or Fly fishing... the person that want to try to throw these on a fly rod..Let me know I would really like to watch!!

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Doesn't really look much for false casting. Maybe let it hang down stream and load it forward and DUCK? !!!!!!!! Probably would then need a two handed retrieve to keep it off the bottom.

Jon Joy


"A jerk at one end of the line is enough." unknown author

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I've seen them sold at almost any store with a trout section, under the name of Super Dupers. This includes Wal-Marts and the Montauk and Bennett Springs lodges, or anywhere else near trout water, for that matter. Never used one, but those who I have seen using them seem to do well.


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