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  1. Finally picked up the new Cat.  Can't wait to break her in.  Glad to hear you had a good trip with Dave, I know you guys were fishing in my neck of the woods since he rarely leaves Schooner and Fisher Creeks.  Gonna break her in this weekend.  If you ever want to hit the rock, just give me a shout.  I am always looking for a reason to head south.

    1. Ham


      I hope you love your BassCat as much as I love mine.

      I always thought TR was a lot like Bull, but that area isn't like anything I have fished in Bull. Lots flatter. Maybe some areas in Big Creek. I'll have to look more at it.

      It was a tough day which was made worse by knowing we where on fish and could not make them ea.


      Thanks for the invite. First time I have fished TR in 3 or so years.


  2. We just got word that 190,000 redear sunfish were stocked into Bull at Lead Hill, yesterday. One of the hatcheries had surplus and stocked them there.

    1. Ham


      That's awesome! Thanks for the Update!

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