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  1. When they lake is over 632', it's harder to trust the schedule. That's was I've observed over the years.
  2. We had one planned but Russell got sick. I saw a post where he said he was working full time right now so I have no idea when and if another kayak trip is in the future.
  3. Mainly dead drift with an indicator GoDoe. You have to find the depth they like. Another good color of zebra midge is grey, blue dun and rusty dun with copper bead and copper rib. Those other colors are shades of grey.
  4. That's a stuffed rainbow in that last picture
  5. I want to fish after seeing that, been a couple weeks
  6. Its under fishing ethics on MDC website. I thought I had seen it on a sign somewhere once. I look for it next time im there.
  7. And that is why those fish gather around people feet. Im sure just walking stirs them up some but shuffling really gets them stirred up. I would never do that fishing but would for educational purposes only.
  8. I mainly fly fish anymore but will add gold and black rapala and firetiger pattern to the above mentioned crank baits. Brook trout pattern has caught me more fish but patterns vary at times.
  9. Did you try stripping the white jig or were you dead drifting only?
  10. Probably was a brook trout. Picture was posted on Oklahoma's TU facebook page of one that was caught.
  11. We had planned on kayaking from marvals to gore landing on friday but Russell got sick. I wade fished instead and had a good day.
  12. We didnt start fishing till middle watts, around 5 hours, sun was just disappearing right before we got to marvals. Could have easily been a longer trip if water was off earlier and we stopped at some of the upper areas before watts
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